Baby Jaymes – 21 Questions

Baby JaymesBJ 45Ok, we have to give props when props are due. We got this in out mailbox last week and it’s been on heavy rotation on the turntables. We’ve heard some cool covers over the years, but we dig this R & B cover of Fiddy’s “21 Questions” by Baby Jaymes. With some slick 70’s orchestration and smoothness, Baby Jaymes straight kills this track. Representing Oakland, Jaymes has been contributing music to television shows and films for years, and as this track shows, the man has some talent. It doesn’t hurt that his collaborations speak for themselves, Raphael Saadiq and George Clinton among others have teamed up with this talented singer/ songwriter. Well versed in icons like Stevie, Curtis, Marvin, and Smokey, Baby Jaymes takes his love for the past and adds that to his own edgy style to his music. “21 Questions” has tinges of Prince, Outkast, and just enough of the good stuff to get your head moving where your body will follow. Just like an artist such as D”Angelo before him, he’s able to take something old and make it his own and brand new again. Breathing new life into a classic is not easy work, but Jaymes takes it all in stride and delivers on this very special seven inch. This 45 is surely something that will get the dance floor moving. It’s got that classic R & B feel to it and an instantly recognizable chorus that can appeal to old and new heads alike. We dig, and so will you.

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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