Two Sides of Club Jazz

Two Sides of Club JazzThere is so much good music out there, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. We are trying to do that, and if Mukatsuku keep putting out records like their latest release, well we are going to have to start dipping into our kid’s college fund. The latest from Nik Weston and crew is a 45 that contains two sides of club jazz. It’s Italy versus Japan, as this double sider of two classics is sure to keep the feet moving and heads bobbing all night long. The first side is a Gilles Peterson favorite, available for the first time on seven inch. “Par Avion” from legendary Italian musician Marco Di Marco. The bass line is so infectious that when the piano groove kicks in, you’re already on your feet. A classic indeed, and if GP cosigns it, well you need no other opinions really. The second side is Japan’s Jazz Collective and a side previously only available on CD, “Velvet”. Recorded exclusive version for Mukatsuku Records, this is a funky and smooth jazz track you will be playing over and over. The first 100 copies sold on Juno will get a 38mm fridge magnet, so order early to get a Mukatsuku treat. The packaging has a hand stamped kraft paper sleeve, Mukatsuku card jacket with signed insert, a protective plastic outer and a sticker. A good deal for the price we think. So get your club jazz on with Mukatsuku, and you can thank us later. You gotta thank Nik Weston too, he’s digging up these fine tracks. Don’t sleep.

Listen and order from Juno here.

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