Emma Donovan and The Putbacks Daddy 45

Daddy 45In today’s climate of music, everybody tries to do something different. Whether it’s in packaging or just small runs, there are a myriad of combinations that collectors are snapping up while they can. Today we bring you a super exclusive release from up and coming psych/soul band Emma Donovan and the Putbacks. It’s the 45 of “Daddy”, off of their Hope Street Recordings release Dawn, with the instrumental “In The Dirt” on the flip. Each record is hand numbered, and will only be available from December 11th at 9am Melbourne time. They will sell in numbered order from Hope Street Recordings and Northside Records. So if you want to spread some joy to a soul lover in your life, this exclusive 45 is one to put in their stocking. We are setting up a tent near our computer and getting in line already. This one is a sure shot.

Bookmark and order from here.

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