The M-Tet – Mike’s New Adidas b/w All Growns Up

AC MTetAfter a great 2014, a year that brought the band into the national funk soul, and jazz scene, The M-Tet is back with a new 45 for 2015. In fact, in addition to this double sider, this quartet also has a full length dropping early this year entitled Finger Poppin’ Time!. Submerged underwater with a music industry where we are forced to listen to mindless dribble everywhere we turn, it’s great to hear the fresh sounds off of Lugnut Brand Records own sons. For those of us in the know about this talented crew, we’ve all been waiting patiently to hear what’s next. For those who haven’t heard of this band, welcome aboard people. The forty five and full length come sooner rather than later, and the latter contains covers of Rodger Collins, Pigmeat Markham, and Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings. Looks like the boys have grown up as well, as they’ve stepped up their recording equipment game from a Tascam 424mkIII Portastudio 4-track to a luxurious Tascam 238 8-track. Double the pleasure for double the music fun! All of these sides were recorded live in one room with no headphones to analog tape in November of 2014. Their process mimics the old style, but their sound combines for a fresh take for 2015.

“Mike’s New Adidas” is an upbeat, happy feet type track reminiscent of a stroll on a nice spring day. This tune was made for you to get up and move your two feet. So do it, it’s that easy. “All Growns Up” is a walk on the greasy side, the down home side, the Brother Jack McDuff and Jimmy McGriff side. Full of soul sugar, these fly dudes lay down some soul jazz that’s good for your soul. In this day and age, we really need some music like the M-Tet makes: gritty and grimey organ funk. The forty fives will be pressed at 500 units. 100 color vinyl for the pre-orders in a fold over sleeve, and the rest on black vinyl. All available in March. Check out a preview of both tracks and pre-order below and dig if you will.

Pre-order the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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