Pacifics Beat Tape

unnamed (2)Everything comes around again, and while beat tapes have always been on our radar since we were making personal mixes and pause tapes as a teen,a whole new generation is discovering the mix tape scene. So it’s no surprise everyone from known hip hop labels to minimal bedroom producers are going back to the medium. As we shift stuff around in the office, we’re always digging up gems like old Daddy Dog and Max Glaser Fader mixes and just this week, our boy Rob Perlman from Funk For The People put up some photos of a grip of promo cassettes and submitted mix tapes from his A & R days. (Godfather Don what!). Which brings us to the good folks over at UKNOWY, who have recently compiled some of the best underground beat makers on soundcloud and put them together on their Pacifics beat tape UKYMC001 cassette. Done Dilla style, short and sweet, this 20 minute compilation contains beats from 12 talented beat makers you never heard of: Žiga Murko, ShunGu , Flamingosis, Andi Malanders, Nino El Dino, MentPlus, SWARVY, Lanzo, Melodiesinfonie, Sumthin Gunny, Johnny North, Michael Gordy, lwptch., and wootabi. A solid effort from each of these producers, you’ll hear a few samples you recognize (Wham! of all things but it works), sirens (Jay Dee anyone?) jazz piano and vocals, plenty of hip hop vocal stabs, a Hove and Weezy “Dear Summer” riff, some minimal bounce, and various other head nodding extras. It’s hard to pick a favorite but track 12, a short audio essay by lwptch. x wootabi entitled “Speak Low?” that has just enough of some soul jazz organ for us to press repeat twenty times on. Don’t get it twisted though, each beat on this release is special and equally good in ints own way. Pop it into your Sony Walkman (the sport version of course, yellow with the small headphones), and just roll. Now just remember to carry that Bic pen around so you can manual rewind when necessary. Look that up.

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