Dirty Burners – Propulsion!!! b/w Hey! Last Minute

Dirty BurnersIf Monday has you down, we’ve got you covered with some heat out of the City of Brotherly Love aka Philly, with a two sider that flows like lava on your turntable. Record Breakin’ Music releases another top notch seven inch. This time it’s from Dirty Burners aka Case Bloom and Personify, who do their first joint together for RBMB. Not only is this lineup a triple threat (record label, people, + music), it’s a side that is good for you. RBMB is a dope label putting out music their way. That way is straight fire. The homies Case Bloom (of Tucker & Bloom) and James Norman aka Personify are some of the most passionate people we have encountered here at FMF. Eager to spread the good word of all things funky, they are dudes doing real things and getting down with like minded individuals and music lovers all over the world. So when these two guys hook up with a great label, it’s a recipe for success. If you’ve heard some RBMB on the pages of this site, you know they get down in the right way. This time, it’s two tracks that are guaranteed to rock the party. “Propulsion!!!” is a horn laden Latin explosion. Heavy drums and wah wah guitar layered over beautiful horn stabs ride on like the early ’70’s in the Bronx or the favela, while “Hey Last Minute” gets its own Brazilian treatment. Without the usual organ funk on this track, you might get bummed out. This is not the case! Beefier drums and more horns give way to a much funkier and worldly sounding side. It’s a carnival in your record box, so get ready to party with the boys from Philly and have a good time. Would you not expect anything else? Check out a snippet of the tracks below, and pre-order from the link. What are you waiting for? There are dance floors that need to be filled.

Pre-Order this record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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