Nik Weston Presents: Afro Gems Volume Five

Afro Gems Vol 5Fresh out the box is another banger of a 45 from Nik Weston and Mukatsuku Records with Afro Gems Volume Five. This time we travel once again back to Africa for two beautiful sides from Jo Tongo and Sookie respectively. Like digging for your holy grail, the perseverance of a good record really pays off, as Weston took some time to finally secure the French African artist Jo Tongo and this monster of a track. “Piani” and its undeniable funk and disco groove will have you moving from the first needle drop. It is an absolute dance floor killer, and leave it to Nik to bring the record buying public a record he has been chasing for more than a decade to get people moving and grooving proper. The flip, “Rhythm On Rhythm” by Sookie, is a Joe Bisso produced funk side that gets a funky edit from Weston himself. With “repeated breaks and lashings of brass stabs and wobbly bass lines”, you will have a hard time to get people to get back up into their seats, so you may need two copies to keep those breaks going. Both tracks are a winner and come in that now famous hand stamped sleeve on kraft paper and the unmistakeable logo. It’s not easy to get these tracks properly licensed and reissued so we DJs can drop them, so give Nik a round of applause for bringing this stuff out to the masses. Limited edition as always, grab a few copies for your box before they are gone gone gone. Hear the tracks below:

Buy the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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