Herma Puma & QNC – Killing Me

Killing Me 45A little late than never on this slice of goodness from Hero Records. This seven inch pairs up some classic emcees, QNC aka Q-Ball & Curt Cazal from JVC FORCE/Aim/Grand Central and UK producer Herma Puma (Brighton,UK). A golden age vibe and crisp drums highlight both sides. With distinct sounds on A and B, these two do not disappoint. “Killing Me”, with a head nodding, jazzy vibe, is exactly how we feel about the state of hip hop these days. There’s more being an artist and putting out records than swag. How about leaving a long lasting foot print? These two spitters have done just that, and prove that they still have what it takes to get the message across and rip it up on the microphone with out swag. It’s called confidence and keeping it real. The flip, “I Did It”, with its classic references to everything from Casio boards to vintage cassettes, VCR recording and pay phone scams, to double tape boom boxes, is just as much a history lesson as it is a confession. Living hip hop because that’s all you know, not because you want to be on a reality show and such. This is a sure shot rocker, straight from hip hop royalty’s mouth. A record flying right under our radar (ok it got lost in our spam box!), and we’re glad we got our hands on it finally. You should too. A great illustration of what hip hop should sound like to us: great emcees, great production, a positive vibe, and of course on 45 (that’s a bonus). Check out snippets of both records below.

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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