The Mighty Mocambos – Showdown

unnamed (7)Mighty MocambosThe Mighty Mocambos are back, and this time harder and funkier than ever with their latest release Showtime on Légère Recordings. The Mighties have linked up with a plethora of influential musicians to make their third full length stick to your ribs like some St. Louis BBQ. Joining forces with Afrika Bambaataa, the Rock Steady Crew’s Charlie Funk aka Africa Islam, Shawn Lee, De Robert of GED Soul fame, one of our fave organ players Guillaume Metenier, Donald D (of the Rhyme Syndicate), Nichola Richards, and the Zulu Nation MCs Deejay Snoop & DJ Hektek among others, the record is a funky trip through the many talents of the band. From high tempo B Boy breaks to soulful covers to cinematic soul and extended party jams Showdown is proof that The Mighty Mocambos are a force to be reckoned with in the funk game. As if you didn’t know that! Their previous two outputs and side projects (Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band) illustrate the scope and depth of these musicians, and this latest record is a line drawn in the sand. They are here to stay, staking their claim, and prove that they are one of the best European (and worldwide) funk outfits hands down. This mothership of funk touches down on March 27th, and will be available at better record stores around the globe. Hear snippets of the entire record below.

Want to catch the Mocambos live, or get more info? Go here.

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