WhoSampled Presents: Digging In The Vaults

Diggin In The VaultsBy now, if you haven’t been living in a fortified bunker for the last few years, you know who WhoSampled is. A site and organization dedicated to carefully cataloging all known samples used in music history, these blokes have done it right. A daily destination for diggers and record champions, they go above and beyond the call of duty to identify these lost classics on their site. Fast forward to Spring 2014, where they took a group of well known diggers, beat makers, and producers inside the vaults of library music specialists Imagem. Their target: a complete collection of highly sought after collectable releases from Boosey & Hawkes. Their mission was to excavate this rare material and sample it into new compositions. The material dug up was made available to 20 producers at Samplethon, where producers worked against each other and a clock to create these new music from archived material. The winners were judged by a highly talented pool, and made it on to this project. Available as a digital LP (with extra material only to be heard on it) and collectible 10″ vinyl release, this highly anticipated project is one to grab up. Featuring tunes from SoundSci, BBE’s Chris Read x Phill Most Chill aka Soulman, Mr. Thing, Mark Rae (Rae and Christian), Danny Drive Thru, Illiterate, and Sleepless. As stated earlier, the bonus tracks only available on the digital LP feature Chris Reads instrumental hip hop side, heavy on the Rhodes, as well as tracks from Boean, My Panda Shall Fly, and new to the game Innovance. The only track available to sample is SoundSci’s “Hunger Pains”, a broody, heavy drum filled track that features UGeorge spitting over a well crafted and cut up library sample. “I got a tape worm/ a mixtape burns/ inside my belly/ give me butter beats and jelly/ I ain’t hungry/ I’m ravenous/ the savage in me is imagining beats on a platter”. With Johnny Cuba and Ollie Teeba (of Ninja Tune Fame) in this band, you know that the production and samples are crisp. Ox doesn’t need help with lyrics like that either. Just like those hunger pains for the real deal, this track satisfies. We’re being fed fast food rap these days, and that doesn’t cut it. This side does cut it, and with it you shall go hungry no more. A solid project from some talented people, this one gets a huge thumbs up from FMF. Check out the track below.

Pre-Order this 2NX record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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