Edan Radio Show #4 and Live In Brooklyn

Edan Raaaadio 4The Humble Magnificent is back y’all, and this time it’s for the fourth installment of his radio show. This has been out for a few weeks, but since we have been listening to it in the lab, we figured there might be some heads who haven’t checked it out yet. Numero Four is a funky, fuzzy, and echoey trip through whatever Edan wants to play. No set direction or practice, just a mixed set of eclectic records by Pink Floyd, Biz Markie, and a grip of other vinyl that he mixes together flawlessly. With reverb and delay, he delights the audience with a variety of anecdotes, information, and even manages to drop a freestyle or two. Doubling up on drum breaks while working the mic, this show is one of the better free form, straight from the dome radio shows out there. Get turned on to some good music, nod your head, and make sure your headphones are handy. You will not be disappointed.

If that isn’t enough, Edan takes the stage with his Paten Locke on May 2nd over at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn. Put together by the fine folks Chances With Wolves (East Village Radio), the bill also has 79.5 performing and looks to be a killer night of music all around.

Edan Paten Locke

Get your tickets here.

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