Reality Jonez – Don’t Count Your Money

Reality Jonez 45We always feel that the original soul artists can’t be beat. Maybe it was the way they were recorded, the state of the music industry at that time period, or the particular artist. They don’t make them like they used to. Fast forward to today and you’ve got a handful of artists who have stepped back into time and do it the old way. I’m not talking about a retro, quick fix, throwback, but embracing that particular time period and keeping it on that level. It was a bit more simple then. Artists like Nicole Willis, Myron & E, The Jack Moves (and others), plus the matriarch of the movement Sharon Jones keep that original soul sound in their music while forging another path own their own. Today’s feature does the same. Reality Jonez, who’s influences are no surprise: Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, and Curtis Mayfield, among others, offers up a sweet piece of modern soul that if you closed your eyes, you’d think was from the ’60’s. It’s that authentic. Not a newcomer to the music industry by any means, his goal of keeping genuine soul music alive has been clear since his early days cutting his teeth sharing the stage with national artists such as Prince. Previous efforts include “Stubborn” and “A Million Girls”, both that spread the word of soul and what he calls “New Oldies”. His latest effort on Crown City Entertainment, “Don’t Count Your Money”, is a modern soul future classic. A slow roller, Jonez combines those previous influences with what sounds to us like a young Daryl Hall while adding his own flair to the track. It’s a really dope side, and this Left Coast crooner has got it down. We love to get behind an artist that is carrying on the tradition of the founders, and Reality Jonez is doing just that. Produced by XL Middleton, who’s stable is putting out modern funk and soul, g funk and more, has got a philly who is ready to run the race in RJ. Look for more from this talented singer. For now, you can get a color vinyl, limited edition (300 pieces) 45 available now. Now go get your girl and do some slow, close dancing in your kitchen.

Check out the video for “Don’t Count Your Money”

Get the limited edition 7″ from Crown City Entertainment here.

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