Standing the Test of Time: Good Records NYC

good-records-nycRecord Store Day or not, it’s a great feeling when you see a video like this. Jonathan Sklute aka Johnny Paycheck has been holding down his very own record paradise, Good Records in the East Village of New York City for a decade. A meeting place for vinyl record heads and collectors alike, Good Records is more than just a records store. It’s becoming an institution that stands the test of time. Running a business is tough. Running a business in NYC is tough. Running a business, better yet a record store in NYC is definitely tough. Sklute proves that there is a place for vinyl record culture and a need for a quality record store that can service a wide variety of record collectors. While many long time vinyl hubs have closed their doors, Sklute still attracts a clientele that wants to dig, deep or not. They want what he’s selling. From classic rock to obscure jazz and punk and everything inbetween, there’s something for everyone there. Good Records recently was featured in this short video shot by Regina Spurlock. In the video, Sklute talks candidly about his love for vinyl, the history of the shop, and more. This is a great promo for vinyl record culture everywhere. Everyday is record store day, here’s a dude who continues to prove it.

More on Good Records here.

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Keep Diggin’!

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