RECORD STORES: The photobook about record stores

unnamed (1)For as long as we have been collecting the black crack, we have been visiting record stores. Each one is unique. From the huge such as Amoeba in San Francisco, to small, intimate spaces like Iris Records in Jersey City, the personality of each store and owner shines through. Unless they are a chain (and how many of them are left??), we can really say that no two record shops are really the same. German photographer Bernd Jonkmanns realized this. He also realized how beautiful each shop is, so he started photographing record shops in 2009. He’s traveled to 60 record stores in 33 cities to date. Shops in New York, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Stockholm, Sydney, Oslo, London, Paris, Brighton, Berlin, Newcastle, Glasgow, Reykjavik, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and more were featured. The result? A 10″ x 10″, 384-page hardcover book that contains 500 photos that will be published by the Berlin based photo book publisher seltmann+söhne. To make this project complete, he launched a crowd sourcing campaign to get the project finished.  Check out a few photos from this great book project:

unnamed (1) unnamed (4)

USA New York Brooklyn Williamsburg Academy Records 96 N 6th Street

unnamed (2) unnamed


To help make this book a reality, and even better, go here.  Viva La Vinyl!

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