Jersey City Record Riot Round Up

IMG_20150614_102824For a while there, the Jersey City Record Riot and the weather could not agree on anything. Rain showers always seemed to come in just when it was time to get the event started. However, the last few JCRR’s we have had great weather, and the digging has been great. This whole event is put on by Iris Records here in Jersey City, and we thank them for that. The Riot went from 9am until 6pm, with over 35+ record dealers from throughout the East Coast and live DJs all day. Of course, FleaMarket Funk gets there early, and we ended up grabbing some gems from The Vinyl Dog as well as a bunch of dolla hollas from assorted vendors. It’s always great to dig through the Vinyl Dog’s crates, he’s got some really clean records, as well as endless stories about record selling, hip hop producers, and more. We also ran into the chaps from Brewerytown Beats , and E from NYC Trust, who had the Independent Grand pop up in full effect. What we like about the Riot is that not only is it a good record show, but the community that comes to it. It’s really great. We ran into a bunch of hip hop heads, including producer 88 Keys who was getting his vinyl fix on. You never know who is going to show up. We also met up with Pat James Longo aka Primitive Soundsystem, as we usually do, to dig through crates, shoot the shit, and recommend records to each other to buy. It’s all about the records, but it’s a good hang as well. A time to catch up with some old digging friends, make new ones, all while thumbing through dusty crates. We’re fortunate to have relocated to Jersey City, as Iris Records, as well as the JCRR are both key events and places that really enrich the city itself. They add a great dimension to an already cool place. Iris has been around since 1996, and is a staple in Jersey City. The RR is an extension of an already respected and established business, so for everyone it’s a win/ win. We most definitely got some great finds, but probably not as great as what Primitive Soundsystem dug up on the cheap in the photo above. Wing to Wing, a private press trio from, get this, Dwarf, Kentucky, was one of the best finds we saw all day. Clearly one that just hangs on the wall, it could have easily been in the Enjoy The Experience book. This, along with a whole day’s worth of records to dig through makes us appreciate the vinyl community we have here in JC. We’ll keep you posted when the next one is. Until then, bask in the private press goodness of the photo above. Vinyl Rules!

Keep Diggin’!

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