Noel Gourdin- Patience

10380343_10206269819967971_7770152390101792310_nNeil GourdinSoul music, to us, has a timeless sound to it. Whether it’s 1963 in Detroit or 2015 in Los Angeles, the sound can’t be confused with anything else. Soulside Productions are keeping the torch alive releasing 45s that embody the spirit of real soul music. Noel Gourdin, who croons R & B and soul gold does his best Marvin Gaye on this seven inch “Patience”. No stranger to the music business, his career is a decade plus strong, releasing music on Sony, and achieving success previously with his hit “The River”. Gourdin brings it back to the basics with this track. Full of Motown sounds, “Patience” gives us hope that these newer generations will discover Motown through the music of a guy like Noel. Sunny and bright, this tale of love and patience transcends generations. With summer slipping away quick, here’s a good way to hold on just a little longer. You can thank Noel Gourdin and Soulside Productions for this catchy side that will be in your head all day.

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