You Think You Have A Cool Job?

DJ Last Word CockpitLast WordDay jobs. We all have had them, still have them, and we do whatever we have to do so we can still live this record life. There is certainly nothing wrong with getting paper. Our man King Otto out of the Twin Cities passed this PBS story of Drew Erickson aka DJ Last Word out of Minneapolis. He is not only a dope DJ who is 1/4 of the group Get Cryphy, his other day job is a pilot. Balancing out both jobs and living his life on his own terms is pretty damn cool in our book.

“I try to keep them as separate as I can, but it doesn’t always work out like that,” says Erickson

He has been flying since the age of 17 and self taught on the 1’s and 2’s. Although both jobs are very different, they both require certain skills, like an ‘acute awareness of your surroundings.’ Understatement of the year. He says he never flies after he DJs, and we think he is a very smart man. Erickson stays close to Minneapolis most of the year to fly and schedules his DJ performances around his schedule. So when flying is slow, there is DJing and vice versa. We thought this was a great look at a talented cat, and furthermore, how many DJs you know that are charter pilots? And you thought your job was cool? Check out the video below:

More of Get Cryphy here.

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