DJ Format & Abdominal – We Say

Format Ab CoverWell lookee here, today we have a treat for you and Halloween in over!. FleaMarket Funk fam DJ Format, out of Brighton, England, links up with heavyweight rhyme sayer Abdominal aka Ab currently out of Toronto, Canada to drop a beauty of a track in “We Say”. Exactly what we wanted to wake up to this AM. It’s exactly what you would expect from Format and Ab. These guys do not disappoint. Waxing poetic about the aging emcee and producer, it’s clearly a case of getting better and staying better with age. With a catchy guitar sample and hard hitting drums, Ab flows smoothly, and like the song says: “Rest assured the heat’s preserved”. Very true, this is a heater of a track. Once again, another breath of fresh air in a stale environment. This is hip hop. Whether it’s in Brighton or Toronto, separate or together, this Dynamic Duo gets the job down. They’re back together live and The Reunion Tour begins Thursday 5th Nov in Manchester. It goes all around the UK, finishing in London on Sunday 22nd Nov. Check out these two live for the first time in over 10 years!

Get the track here.


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