Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings – Ain’t No Chimneys In The Projects

Sharon Jones X MasOooh Wee, if you were looking for another Christmas tune, you’ve come to the right place. With two sleeps left, the Daptone camp is giving holiday treats a bit early this year with the video for “Ain’t No Chimneys In The Projects” by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Featured on the new LP It’s a Holiday Soul Party, this animated short is directed by Ryan Louie.

“Mama sat me down and said, “Baby, Santa Claus does magic things.”
As soon as you’re asleep, a chimney will appear
And in the morning you will see all he brings.
Don’t you worry that there ain’t no chimneys in the projects.”

Following the holiday future classic “8 Days of Hanukka” and their rendition of “White Christmas”, Sharon Jones does it once again with that voice. Of course the Dap Kings aren’t too far behind as they lend the back beat to one that will be played loud at holiday parties from here on. What did we ever do without Sharon Jones? I’ll tell you what, we suffered. All I want for the holidays this year is to hear her singing every day (and maybe this holiday record). get the record below. Happy Holidays people.

Buy the Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings It’s A Holiday Soul Party here.

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