Pillow Talk – Good Lovin’

Pillow TalkWe’re all about the giving here at FMF, so when this soulful future classic came through, we knew we needed to share it with the family. With so much negative stuff going on in the world today, a group like Pillow Talk is definitely needed. Combining together with beautiful harmonies like Marvin and Tammi for the present day, they give us the heavy soul of “Good Lovin'”. This tune hits all the right notes and fills all the right grooves. Along with the beautiful voice of Sami D, the trio is rounded out by Ryan Williams on guitar and keys, and with Mikey Tello’s killing it on the synth. Hailing from San Francisco, the band cites a long list of influences from The Ethics to D Train. It’s these artists that have shaped their soulful, sometimes housey and boogie and 80’s sound that really stands out. So if you dig this track, pass it on, spread the word about Pillow Talk. And by the way, Happy Holidays people, you’ve earned it. Thanks for the support, and please continue to support these indie bands who are making some great music out there you never heard of until now. Check out the track below.

Pillow Talk 2

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