Alpman – After Work

Alpman Afetr WorkHere’s hoping that all you FleaMarket Funk family have survived your holidays with family, friends, and whoever else was hanging around. While we were all celebrating, our friend Alpman was busy making more tracks and releasing them to the masses all over the world. This time he’s capturing that feeling you get when the work is done. That feeling of, “I am done for the day (weekend, whatever), and it’s time to cut loose.” Now cutting loose in this sense may not be Charlie Sheen style, drinking tiger’s blood and pushing yourself to the limit. What we’re feeling from one of Turkey’s brightest and upcoming musicians is that you need to chill. Or you need to dance. Go ahead. Listen to that infectious bass line. Let those drums and synths get your feet moving. There you go. You’ve earned it. You feel what we’re saying? It’s a Spychedelic dance party and Alpman is leading the way. From Istanbul to your ears, every one needs to get out of work sometime. Let the sweet and sultry sounds of Alpman be your guide. Check the full track below.

Get the track here.

Keep Diggin’!

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