Hidden Jazz Quartett feat. Bajka – Luvlite (Jon Kennedy Remix)

Hidden Jazz Quartett RawIf you remember a while back we introduced you to some fantastic soul music from Maka & Mr. Bristow on Agogo Records. Well, the label is hard at worjk again with the debut record from Hidden Jazz Quartett and their Lp Raw and Cooked, available February 5th. Combining the past, present, and future of jazz music, Hidden Jazz Quartett was put together by Agogo head honcho and productionj master Ralf Zitzmann. Grabbing some of the best jazz musicians he knew, HJQ was born. The players, Stephan Abel (Saxophones), Lutz “Hammond” Krajenski (Hammond, Keys), Matthias “Maze” Meusel (drums) and Olaf Casimir (bass) are world renowned players, and it shows through their music. This particular side features talented vocalist Bajka, and the album also features the legendary Omar as well. All involved in the project have a mind set to just move the music forward, and it’s very clear through this track”Luvlite” that they care about the genre. Through soulful tracks like “Tap On The Backdoor” and “Soulosophy” that features Bajka again getting raw and funky, and a Last Poets/ Gil Scott-Heron inspired track featuring Anthony Joseph, “Kimberly Hotel”. This is about as good as it gets when it comes to spoken word these days. A bright shining star in the black, often endless galaxy of music you have to sift through, the record is on repeat. The full length is definitely a keeper. Haven’t heard much of this talented bunch of musicians? Take a listen and check the video for “Luvlite” remixed by Jon Kennedy below. Then go to the following link and listen to the whole record. Jazz music is still alive and well, you might even be inspired to dance. Check it out.

Stream the entire record and purchase it here.

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