Tonight! Jersey City: FleaMarket Funk x Pat Van Dyke

Fox and Crow 1 29 gig OUTLINE Light PatHey Jersey City and NYC area people. What are you doing tonight? If the answer is just sitting home, well we’ve got a treat for you. FleaMarket Funk is teaming up with the talented bandleader, multi-instrumentalist, and all around solid dude pat Van Dyke for a night of music in Chilltown USA. You may have seen Pat’s scorching sets at the Blue Note, or heard him with John Robinson at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest, or grabbed one of his collabs with DJ Spinna or 45. Or maybe you’re not familiar, so in that case, let’s get familiar. We are playing together tonight at one of the newest spaces in Jersey City, located in Jersey City Heights, Fox and Crow. An intimate venue, we will be sharing the stage in the Parlour. Pat has a full band tonight plus a horn section, and will be delivering two funky jazz sets. DJ Prestige aka FleaMarket Funk will be getting funky with the 45s before, in between, and after the two sets. The show starts at 9 and will go to about 12:30 or a bit later. If you’ve never got a chance to see PVD or FMF live, here’s your chance to get two for one. Check out some of Pat’s music below, and if you come to the show, come on up and say hello. Cheers.

Here’s the facebook event page.

More info on Fox and Crow JC.

Keep Diggin’!

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