The Getup – Gold Digger

The Getup Goldigger 45Our Label Records set it off once again with another hot fire double sider from The Getup. If you’re not familiar with this London based group, please get familiar. Since 2004, this Hammond heavy band has been rocking stages and shaking asses on the dance floor like no others. The A side, “Gold Digger” features the sister soul vocal stylings of Sasha, and she breaks it down on why you might want to keep a hold of your wallet around some of the ladies. Heavy everything all around: bass, drums, guitar, and horns will most likely result in a sore neck from moving so much. This is a tough side for sure. The flip, “Fat Pat’s Kitchen” reminds us of an earlier Our Label 45, but has the tenacity of a tornado wrapped up in a tsunami followed by a thunderstorm. That’s a lot going on, but never fear, The Getup have it all under control. Controlled chaos on the dance floor, this 45 is two sides of pure heat. And if you can’t stand that kind of heat, then get off the dance floor and let someone else move it. Hear a snippet of both tracks below:

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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