King Otto – Breaks 101 Live From Latitude

King Otto StetsaWho doesn’t love a good breaks mix? When it’s all on 45 RPM, it’s even better. We are huge fans of these kind of mixes, and Minneapolis selector, digger, and god damn fine DJ King Otto is one of the best. A member of the Hot Peas and Butta crew, holding down the Twin Cites and beyond like no other, Otto specializes in the little records with big holes. He’s been spinning rap 45s before it was cool, and knows his way properly around 7″ records. On this mix, he gives you 101 Breaks. Now he just doesn’t give you 101 Breaks, he does it in style. Running through a grip of funk, soul, soul, and other funky necessities, this mix will soon be in your go to rotation. Now remember, he’s doing it all on 45s, using doubles, all live in all one take. Just the way we like it. Add in some effects and you have a party. We dig Otto’s style. Seamless effort and tight cuts, I wish there was a video of the stack of wax he was rifling through to get this done. Salute sir! Have a pencil handy because you might even need some of these gems, if you can keep up. Here’s what Otto had to say about the mix:

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while; I stacked up a bunch of 45s with breaks on them, put them in an order that I thought would work and went for it. The result is 30 minutes and 102 drum breaks off of 101 45s. It’s a mix of dollar bin records and not so dollar records and comes complete with plenty of snap, crackles and pops, you know, love bites. This mix wasn’t made with cue points or sync buttons or downloaded music, this is the culmination of hours (decades) of practicing and studying music and hundreds (thousands) of dollars traveling and collecting 45s. Its an exhausting way to DJ, but it was dumb fun to make! Stay tuned for volume II!

Stream the mix below, and if you dig it, tell a friend. Breaks are so necessary, and even more on 45. Don’t try this at home on your dad’s stereo only under hip-hop supervision, alright?

Keep Diggin’!

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