PREMIERE: K.A.A.N. – Music

RDF095 - KAAN - UNCOMMON KNOWLEDGE - VINYL VIEWFriday’s here and we have the perfect track for you. In fact, we’re premiering this new track on Redefinition Records by K.A.A.N. or Knowledge Above All Nonsense. Coming straight out of Howard County, Maryland, this emcee with “a soft spot for ’90’s boom bap” joins forces on this mighty K-Def produced track “Music” to shake up your ears and start the weekend off right. Making his own waves on social media and championed by pertinent a public figure such as Chuck D and highlighted on NPR, K.A.A.N. is a bit of the old and a bit of the new. A student of music that goes deeper than just hip hop, citing Johnny Cash and Nirvana as influences, his flow is equal parts ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ as much as it is ‘Bombs Over Baghdad’. The quick flow that gives a nod to everything from Tupac to Etta James to Van Gogh to Sinatra and beyond. He’s not playing, and puts “some soul in the sound so you can feel the allure.” Bringing lyrics that bap like “The Originators” it’s a journey through one man’s endless quest for knowledge. The beat bangs, and you already know K-Def’s pedigree. Dude is a dope producer. He’s been around since the ’80’s, bringing out banger after banger. It’s a testament to his legacy to grab a young buck like this guy right here and make magic. Both artists are top billin’ in their own right, together unstoppable. Redefinition continues to push the envelope with new music and break the mold once again. Pay attention all you indies out there, this is how it should be done. This is a movement, and ReDef is one of the few that lead the charge properly. Upcoming, K.A.A.N. will also appear on the upcoming Klaus Layer album, Society Collapse, and has recorded a 4 track ep with him as well. We are looking forward to hearing more from this talented individual, either on the solo tip or collabos. Check out the track, “Music” below:

Pre-order the record, Uncommon Knowledge, out June 3rd on Redefinition Records here.

More info at Redefinition Records.

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