FleaMarket Funk x Major League Soccer

DJ Prestige by Erin GloverPhoto courtesy of Erin Glover

Along with vinyl records, my other passion is football aka soccer. After my last interview with Major League Soccer and exclusive NY Redbulls mix I did for the team and supporters, I was thrilled to be contacted by MLS once again to take part in Heineken Soccer’s Rivalry Week coverage. They sent out a video crew and photographer to the Greenville Studios to get my thoughts on the NY Redbulls and their across the river rivalry with NYCFC. Despite it being one of the hottest days we have had in a while, we all managed to sweat it out in the studio, and even got one of my sons involved for a short bit. Although the Redbulls most hated rivals are DC United, this NYRB/ NYCFC rivalry is an important one here in New York City. It’s a match up that will get heated up as the seasons and years progress. There is a huge divide in NYC with supporters, and it grows larger each day. That being said, when I got the links for the story on the MLS site, I started some banter because I was next to @NYCFCPigeon in one photo. He’s an NYCFC supporter that wears a pigeon head. So as you can imagine…the banter began. Shots fired across the city of New York. Well, what started as some football banter, ended up as a conversation with a proposal: NYCFC’s DJ, DJ Mode and I battle it out at halftime of a future Hudson River derby. MLS are you listening, front offices of NYCFC and NY Redbulls, are you listening? A great way to bring both teams together (without hitting each other with sandwich boards) in a positive way. I’d be up for it. Soccer doesn’t just bring us all together, music does as well. I’m down for promoting both clubs in a positive light, while being able to play good music for the supporters. Thank you very much to Major League Soccer for having an interest in me for the story, and let’s have a good day of football tomorrow. As you can imagine, #NYisRED, and I’ll be cheering loudly for the Redbulls as they got up against the Manchester City D team in a baseball stadium in the Bronx. Banter all day. The more we support this sport in the United States, the more it grows. Check out the video from MLS below:

New York Derby: Fans in Blue and Red

Here is the article to accompany the video piece.

The original mix I did for NY Redbulls supporters. Play it LOUD before the match.

Keep Diggin’!

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