Madlib Lecture (New York 2016) | Red Bull Music Academy

“That’s my sound, I’m a loop digga”, says Otis Jackson, Jr., referring to his sampling technique. He is not playing. The reclusive super producer/ MC/ DJ digger sat down once again with Jefferson “Chairman” Mao this year at the Red Bull Music Academy in NYC and opened up on a variety of topics such as trading loops with Dilla, Sun Ra, daily beat making, of course Lord Quas, and more. For a cat who doesn’t give to many interviews, we have to give props to Chairman Mao for bringing out the best in Madlib to the very intimate (and lucky!) audience that got to sit in on the session. It’s a great, inside look into who some people call a mad genius. What we do know, is the man is a work horse. Just compiling a huge catalog of work that just gets deeper and deeper. For instance, there is a Beat Konducta with all industrial samples. “Throbbing Gristle and all that shit”. This will be interesting.

There is something in everything……”– Madlib

Red Bull Music Academy seems to bring out the best in many artists who sit down with them, and in our opinion, this is one of the best in the series. From his favorite Indian artist to a collection of Russian record beat tapes to a personal beat tape made entirely of Prince beats just for himself to listen to, he’s one of the hardest working men out there. An interesting, eclectic, and elusive artist, again Mao, even at the interview’s most awkward moments, was able to have Madlib relax (as much as he could) and just vibe on the well researched questions from him, as well as off the hip audience and internet questions. Whether it was his collabo with DOOM “the process wasn’t really a big deal, we hung out”, placement of chops in loops, “it’s natural”, on making music with his kids around, “they want me to buy some speakers so we can listen to you”, as well as his newest obsession, the wine game, where he states he still is a minor player. His best piece of advice he ever got from anyone? Do your taxes. Honest and to the point. We do learn that he keeps everything he records, so we can only imagine what is in the vaults, or ready to come out at this point. This lecture has so much interesting stuff, we had to watch it again. His work is appreciated here at FleaMarket Funk, but now after this, even more. Well done Jeff Mao and RBMA, keep ’em coming, and Madlib, keep making us feel weird.

Watch the lecture below:

Keep Diggin’!

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