Conundrum – Fall In Love

ConundrumConundrum CoverA few weeks ago I did an event in Jersey City and was paired up with this band. This band was killing it. All instrumental, funk laden jazz, emphasis on FUNKY, dropping some heavy tracks for the people. Then it hits me. They’re playing Dilla and killing it. After a few more tracks including ATCQ instrumental, they finished up to much applause. Made up of Germain Brito on Trumpet, Cole Stone-Frisina on tenor sax, Isaac Sanchez on guitar, Mike Sheelar on keys, Kyosuke Nonoyama on bass, and Charles Tyler on drums, this outfit straight out of Bayonne, NJ is a band to watch. Currently just out of the studio, their new full length is done and on the way. What I like about these cats is that they are young, but definitely know their music history. While most dudes in their 20’s would be shitting on the past, these guys welcome these giants with open arms and spread their positive message through the music. Like Digable Planets who were jettin’ through the stratosphere, walking with a bop, and were cool before Brooklyn was, these guys are putting Bayonne on the map musically. There may be a mural of the “Bayonne Bleeder” aka Chuck Wepner on Broadway in Bayonne, but this band’s mural is being broadcast all over Bayonne, Jersey City, NYC, and more. Their take on the Slum Village Dilla produced classic “Fall In Love” is on some next shit. If Fly-Lo put his two cents on the track, Conundrum laid down a buck because this tight. Let’s get that new record out to the public chaps, we’re waiting for some more hot ish. Let’s hope there is some vinyl around the corner too. Check out the track below:

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Keep Diggin’!

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