Nick Pride & The Pimptones – Gotta Leave The Lady Alone

Gotta Leave The Lady alone 45Nick Pride ShootJust in time for the summer weather, Nick Pride & The Pimptones are back with a banging 45 on Légère Recordings. Off of a new full length, Go Deep, this first single oozes a Stax sound with hints of Motown flavor throughout. What we’re digging is the light and airy sound, complete with a percussion freakout and flute solo. That’s in addition to some top notch vocals from Beth Macari and plenty breaks to go around. Oh, did we mention horns as well? A well rounded, soul slayer on 7″ if we ever heard one. Everything hits hard and packs a punch, just the way it should be. This Newcastle bunch has been on the soul scene for a while, and they show their maturity to the approach on this track. We’re not leaving out the flip, “Baby can We Start Again”, either. A slow soul cruiser that weaves a tale of starting over, this horn filled side moves along nicely. Again, vocals are on point and while slightly upbeat, it funky soul through and through. A good drum break at the end puts the exclamation point in this new 45. We are hoping this is just one of many singles on their new Lp, so we will have to stay tuned for that. For now, grab your portable, your favorite person, pack a picnic basket with your favorite wine, and drop the needle on this baby over and over. It’s a Memphis Soul Stew party updated, and Nick Pride & The Pimptones are your guide.

Check the track below:

Buy the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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