Big Ups With DJ Gilla

DJ Gilla Polaroid_600

Today on Big Ups we have Aly Gillani aka DJ Gilla – A&R / Label Manager at First Word Records. If You’re not familiar with the label, they have been doing big tings for over a decade, putting out great music and aligning themselves with interesting projects. Their latest project Nothing Leaves The Archives collaboration with the John Peel Archives had diggers and DJs salivating the world over as three top blokes went in and sampled the collection, which turned into the last release in the series. DJ Gilla, and accomplished DJ himself, took time out the hectic schedule of running an indie label and DJing to do this. In fact, we owe him an apology, we’re running this a bit later than we wanted to. So for that, we humbly apologize Mr. Gillani. Thanks for doing the interview, and without further ado, please enjoy Big Ups with DJ Gilla.

DJ Gilla Big Ups Page 1

DJ Gilla Big Ups Page 2

DJ Gilla Big Ups Page 3

DJ Gilla Big Ups Page 4

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