Mukatsuku Records: Funk Monsters Vol. 1

Mukatsuku Funk Monsters Vol 1Any seven inch that is labeled Funk Monsters Vol. 1 has our attention. let’s face it, we are smitten by a funky drum break. We can’t get away from it. For those who feel the same, Mukatsuku Records has a treat for you. Volume 1 has two heavy tracks both on 45 for your record box. The first side is from the the 1993 record from the Poets of Rhythm, Practice What You Preach. “The Plan”, a sleazy James Brown tough as nails funk side has never been pressed up on 45. Well here it is some 20+ years later and it’s as hard and raw as it has ever been. The flip, is another highly sought after seven, Wallace Brothers “What Cha Feel Is What Cha Get”. Ohio funk at its finest, the original goes for big money. If you’ve never experienced this 45, originally on the Walbro label, and in the past included in a Midwest Funk comp by Now Again, you’ll be delighted to get the dance floor going nuts on this monster exclusively on 45 RPM. Check out the tracks individually below, or you can go to the Juno link and listen there (and purchase). We are already waiting for Volume 2, come on Nik!

Poets of Rhythm- The Plan

Wallace Brothers – What Cha Feel, Is What Cha Get

Listen to more music from the label here.

Buy the record from Juno here.

Keep Diggin’!

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