Willie West & The Soul Investigators – After The Storm

wwasi-after-the-stormIf you like you soul, well, soulful, full of heart ache, and prefer to listen to it on your knees crying, Willie West has something for you. The legend is back once again, backed by the fabulous Soul Investigators with another 45, “After The Storm”. This soul survivor, with almost 50 years in the business is still going strong. An original New Orleans rocker, his story is much like many of the time: sorrow, heartbreak, and tears. His voice conveys a true soul message, and with the experience he has, players he has played with (Touissaint, The Meters, etc.), he is a true soul man. His later work, which has given him exposure to many new audiences (not just the collectors who go nuts over his early 45s), is blazing a trail of its own with Soul Investigators backing.

The hurricane gave me the Blues.

“After The Storm” is a haunting piece of beautiful sadness. The organ work is supreme on this cut, and adds another layer of a broken heart, while the guitar gently weeps throughout the rest of the track. This is not an upbeat song at all. It’s sad, and West’s message is conveyed loud and clear. However, as sad as it may be, it’s simply beautiful. No complications, no gray area. It’s sad and good. Play this thing during the slow jam section of your set, but please provide some tissues, because this one is a tear jerker. Willie West has never lost it, and he’s bringing more soul to his 45s than most of these youngins could ever. An elder that deserves the most respect, Willie West is here and not going anywhere. Check out the 45 below, available now on Timmion Records.

Get the record here.

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