The Excitements – Mojo Train

the-excitementsPhoto by Ran-el Cabrera

Today’s music comes straight out of Barcelona, Spain. The Excitements have a new record, Breaking The Rule, coming out on Penniman Records on September 23rd and their first single “Mojo Train” is a super soul spectacular. While deeply rooted in soul, R & B, and early rock and roll sounds, this outfit is sho’nuff funky too. It’s been three years since they put out their Sometimes Too Much Ain’t Enough LP that gained praise and solidified them as one of the hardest working bands coming out of Spain, so if you’ve been waiting for a follow up like we have, it’s finally here. Known for their ’60’s style soul, hard hitting dance floor belters combined with ballads that will make your Momma shed a tear, they tour constantly, squeezing in precious time to put down a new full length produced by long time collaborator Mike Mariconda. Already applauded by such notables as Craig Charles and Mojo magazine among others, this Barcelona clique is ready to take the world by storm. The single, “Mojo Train” is a whirlwind track with hints of soul, bluesy R & B, as well as funk designed to make you sweat and scream out for more. They are particular about their sound, and they seem to have settled into one of the best periods in soul music with it. Early, raw, and taking no prisoners type of playing. The Excitements are not kidding when they tell you it’s all about hot, hot, rhythm and soul. This band is on fire. Some may call them a throwback, we’re just gonna file The Excitements under D, for Damn Good. Check out “Mojo Train” below:

Get the record out September 23rd here.

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