Markey Funk – Delights vs. Audio Montage

markey-funk-45If you have been reading this site for a while, you may have caught our review of the excellent CRuNCH 22 on the Delights label a while back. So you can imagine our delight, that after 3 years of record silence, the label itself, Delights is back once again as Markey Funk’s independent record label. Coming straight out of Jerusalem, Israel, Markey Funk completes the journey with a new forty five, available December 15th, that will pay homage to the original artists of the Delights label. Two upbeat psych-influenced bangers to get the wall flowers up on the good foot and into a frenzy. The first side, is a previously, unreleased on vinyl (but available only on CD and Digital) from Radio Trip, entitled “Computer Singing”. This B-Boy anthem is complete with super tough drums, fuzzed out organ, block rockin’ beats and a groove + guitar solo that shreds. It’s an up rocking freak out, and Markey Funk does it justice with his Afromega Remix from all angles. The flip is just as hot, as he takes the duo Left and their tune “Ghost” to new heights. Starting out with a super deep bass line and going right into drums of death, amid ghostly sound effects, echoes and other bits and sound bobs, the over arching psychedelic feel drips into some prog rock sounds that are really nice. We are not mad at it. This is a fitting beginning, this record, and ends a six year era of exploring the world of psychedelic groove based music. merging both the oldest and youngest acts on the label. New horizon’s indeed for Markey Funk. This one is pressed in a limited edition of 300, so if you dig some psychedelic b-boy anthems, this record is for you. Available on December 15th. Have a listen to both tunes below.

Get the limited edition forty five here.

Keep Diggin’!

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