Jaubi – Time: The Donut Of The Heart

jaubiDilla has touched many people throughout the universe. Whether it be a guy in his basement reinterpreting Donuts via modern funk like Leonard Charles, through an orchestra on Suite For J.Dilla, or even as far as Lahore, Pakistan with Jaubi, who has given us The Deconstructed Ego EP. Mixing a classical style music and a few J.Dilla covers, we are definitely impressed by this EP. Jaubi (جو بھی) an urdu word roughly translating to “whatever”, is what this group of musicians is giving us, whatever feels and sounds good. They win with both. Comprised of Zohaib Hassan Khan (Sarangi), Kashif Ali Dhani (Tabla and vocals), Qammar Vicky Abbas (Cajon and vocals), and Ali Riaz Baqar (Guitar and kalimba) also with improvisations on “Time: The Donut Of The Heart” by Raag Hans Dhuni, Jaubi’s EP offers a glimpse of some old sounds and how music from the modern day, in this case J.Dilla can reach musicians in a country such as Pakistan and inspire them to cover a few tracks of the master. If this is the first time you have ever been introduced to this type of music, you are definitely in for a treat. Soothing, sometimes funky Jaubi will win your ears over with the Dilla covers and have you stay for the meat of the record. This is why music is so important. It changes people’s lives, and it seems like Dilla had a hand in this from beyond, touching these musicians to the point that they felt they needed to reinterpret his classics. they have succeded in a flurry of tablas, kalimbas, and guitars, proving that music is the great equalizer. No matter where you are from, what you do, people of the world can bond over music. Check out the video for “Time: The Donut Of The Heart” below and stream the entire EP after that.

Buy the record here.

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