pigWar – Give It Up

pigwarMore psychedelic soul sounds from the Pacific Northwest, this time from pigWar. The collaboration of producer and guitarist Teddy Presberg, keyboardist and bassist LeClare Stevenson, and songwriter Garrett Brennan, pigWar have been getting rave reviews with their explosive live shows on the West Coast. From Portland to San Francisco, their unique sound is gaining ground with venues and crowds alike. After a spell in St. Luis and their diverse jazz scene, Presberg and Stevenson moved back to Portland, where they formed the band. There they sought after a vocalist, and that vocalist was Garett Brennan. Brennan, known for acoustic work, previously collaborated with Preberg, but has also collaborated with such diverse acts such as Tony Furtado, Scott Law, and Jon Neufield. Their sound is exactly what you would think it is, deep psychedelic soul that build into heavy, swirling guitars, heavy drums, and harmonies and soul grooves we have grown to love.

We want to take people to the edge. The edge is where new meaning emerges, new perspective. The weird stuff.

There are elements of modern rock, as well as spacey synthesizer grooves from the ’80’s, all wrapped up into a different shape, size, and sound that is pigWar. Like they said, they want to take people to the edge and are inspired by those who do so. Their music most definitely does that. There is a lot of freedom in their brand of soul music. Building up like tsunami of sound, “Give It Up” has enough power and tenderness in it to satisfy many people, hence the explosion of fans and excellent reception at many of their West Coast shows. Their full length, self titled record came out yesterday, and was co-produced by Teddy Presberg and The Monophonics. Recorded in November 2015 at Transistor Sound Studios, pigWar is Coming to a stage near you. Check ou a few tracks from the record below.

****UPDATED Check out “El Fin” from the full length:

Get it here.

Keep Diggin’!

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