12 Hours of Spritual Jazz

coltrane-momaIf you have twelve hours to spare, no seriously, half a day, it’s your duty as a music lover to listen to this four part playlist series on Spiritual Jazz by London online radio station NTS. Delving deep into the genre, hear sides from artists such as John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Sun Ra, Alice Coltrane, and so much more. Pushing against many boundaries while trying to attain the highest form of enlightenment through music and beyond, this series is not only a great introduction to the genre if you were thinking of testing the waters, but a comprehensive look at one of, IMHO, one of the most special forms of jazz out there.

Stylistically, spiritual jazz is marked by a mixture of jazz with approximations of ethnic music styles (often a blend of styles evocative of African, Indian, and East Asian musical traditions), religious music of non-Christian traditions, and the ecstatic, transcendental aspects of Free Jazz.

Exploring free and spiritual jazz, this series is a journey. A journey to expand you mind through an array of aural stimulation. While it may be an acquired taste for some, we back this form fully, and recommend a book like Freedom Rhythm & Sound put out by Soul Jazz Records, which takes a look at revolutionary jazz cover art from 1965-1983 to accompany this series. After all it was compiled by Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz/ Sounds of The Universe) and Gilles Peterson, who explore some of the deepest jazz LPs around (some of which you may hear on the mix). Open your mind people, take a trip, drop out, do what ever you do, but get enlightened on the way with this special series. Jazz is freedom, you dig?

Listen to the series here.

Keep Diggin’ !

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