Hector Plimmer – Sunshine

This ten pack of tracks runs the gamut from soulful ambiance to percussive beats, afrobeat and electronic sounds on the new Hector Plimmer record, Sunshine, available now on Albert’s favorite will tickle the ribs of music lovers, DJs, head nodders, and champions of good music alike. Fresh off a visit with Gilles Peterson at Brownswood, and a spotlight in FACT magazine making a beat, this South London chap has linked up with the fine folks at Albert’s Favourites for a full length entitled Sunshine. The first glimpse of a track from the record we were able to get was “I Wish”, a dubbed out, time traveling instrumental side that invokes bands like The Upsetters as much as it does trip hop pioneer Tricky and early DJ Shadow productions.

It represents (in no particular order) my musical journey over the past 4 or so years, some of which may never have seen the light of day. All of the music in this album has come about as organically as possible, from tapping a light bulb I was changing to finding a sweet sounding Kalimba at Raw Material in Brixton and recording it on my phone.

These aural soundscapes, all out of the mind of Plimmer are definitely worth checking out. The bass heavy “Let’s Stay”, with it’s layers of sounds is a great kick off to the record. A track that goes perfectly with the record title, it invokes a sunny day trek with the beatsmith and musician as your guide. Speaking of sunshine, the title track, that features And Is Phi, whose beautiful voice has you floating on a cloud of down tempo beats with song and spoken word is as lovely as they come. Other stand outs include “Bossa B”, with its Brazilian flavor and sassy walk, and “Eastern System”, which features Drahla. We are particularly inspired by the drum pattern and layering of vocals on this hauntingly psychedelic ear wig. All in all, this effort by Hector Plimmer, a labor of love that is indeed a pleasure to listen to from start to finish. It wears its influences well, and the originality that Plimmer brings to the stable of Albert’s Favourites artists such as The Expansions, Jonny Drop, Modified Man, and more compliments this unique label well. “Stand Up!”, South London, Hector Plimmer is on the scene.

Stream the entire record below:

Get the record here.

Watch Hector Plimmer Against The Clock with Fact Magazine:

Keep Diggin’!

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