Sunny & The Sunliners – Should I Take You Home

The hits just keep rolling for Big Crown records, as they get a proper release for Mr. Brown Eyed Soul himself, Chicano and American soul legend Sunny Ozuna. The name synonymous with Low Rider oldies and ’64 Impalas has the voice that would make any G shed a tear with his sweet voice. The tune of young love and defiance is one of the best known and loved tracks in the genre, and Big Crown is not stopping there. The flip, a cover of Harvey Averne’s “My Dream” blends American and Tejano soul together in a near perfect way. That is why Sunny & The Sunliners are so beloved, and why Ozuna is one of the artists that laid the foundation for sweet soul music that is connected with American and Chicano culture. To say that this forty five is smooth is an understatement. If you aren’t aware of this genius of soul, then by all means, please indulge yourself. You will not be sorry. Big Crown are not just entertaining with their releases, they are educating as well. This reissue is just a taste of a proper compilation that will be on its way as well, so stay tuned for that. Check out the track streaming below:

Buy the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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