The New Jersey Connection Feat. Cynthia Wilson – Red Light Green Light

Another winner today out of the Super Disco Edits camp, DJ Sigher’s excellent label reissuing lost classics so the world can play this beautiful music over and over. Keeping it reel like no other, this label has a fine stable of tracks by artists such as Willie Tee, Arnold Blair, B And The Family, Mighty Fire, and Twinn Konnection among others. This time we get a slice of disco with The New Jersey Connection featuring Cynthis Wilson and “Red Light Green Light”. A beautiful disco track that has us moving in our seats this morning, complete with hand claps, slap bass, and vocals for days, this little bit of disco soul that was recorded in the late ’80’s but sat on a shelf until recently is a winner in our books. This record’s classic sound screams New York City from every borough, and of course Sigher and SDE knew that. That’s why we have this record. A definite monster and floor filler no doubt, it really puts the listener in a particular moment in time. A true time of togetherness, happiness, and a gives us a feeling we all can relate to. “Red Light Green Light”, despite the tug of war love lyrics (what is a soul tinged track with out the love) is a jam anyone can get down to. That’s what matters in the end. It’s the groove that moves you for sure. Big up Sigher and Super Disco Edits for another monster to keep the people going until the wee hours of the night. Check out the track below:

Although the first promos of this record have sold out, look for the record in better record stores and online here soon.

Keep Diggin’!

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