Alessandro Alessandroni – Afro Discoteca

As we search deeper and deeper for more sounds that are funky, we stumbled upon this beauty from some unearthed master tapes in a vault in Africa from one of the maestros of Italian soundtrack and cinema. Afro Discoteca contains four tracks taken straight from the dusty tapes recorded in the 1970’s by Alessandro Alessandroni and since then, has never seen the light of day. Up there with Morricone, Umiliani, and the other Italian soundtrack greats, the maestro has added another arrow in the quiver of his life’s work in soundtrack and library masterpieces. This very limited run of 12″ EPs, although recorded in the 1970’s, has a very modern feel to it as it merges Afro influences and Italian taste. Very progressive for back then, it goes to show you what a genius this man truly is. For those who dig their Italian soundtracks and other funky nuggets from a cat like Alessandroni, here’s a chance to get your hands on a really dope twelve with music that has just surfaced. Limited to 400 pieces, this twelve will not last long and after that, well, you know you will be searching Discogs for a copy. If you aren’t up on your Italian soundtrack maestros like Marcellus Wallace is, step your game up with this beauty. Then go out and buy more vinyl, because every day is record store day. Ciao.

Check out a sampler of the four tracks below.

Buy the record here, available from Four Flies Records on March 27th.

Keep Diggin’!

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