FREE DOWNLOAD: NY Hustlers – Super Ranking

Rewinding back to the days of proper NYC dance music, this previously unreleased, exclusive track from NY Hustlers, made up of players from Greenwood Rhythm Coalition and Midnight Lab band drop a sexy, after midnight track for all of you heads out there. Combining some samples and live instrumentation, this studio band puts together a sound, and that sound is New York Fucking City. Whether it was The Roxy, The Mudd Club, Loft, or Gallery, NYC had its signature sounds. This track takes you there with a spot on homage to a city and its music When punk rockers stood next to hip hop cliques and the downtown crowd made a scene, this side out of the NYC Trust camp really hits the nail on the head. That snakey bass line, synth stabs, and massive percussion through will have you moving in your seat no matter where it is. This is late night, pitch black, maybe a red light on a disco ball, lots of smoke, and sweaty bodies moving like they should be way after last call. It’s the party you want to be at where the queue is way around the corner. It’s a serious dance party for dance party people, and the NY Hustlers are who are throwing it. With many elements of disco, latin, tropical, boogaloo, reggae soul, and more, this synth filled heater is going to move them this summer for sure. Stream the track below:


Keep Diggin’!

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