Souleance – Johnny

Oooh wee we are delighted with this new track “Johnny” off of Raw Funk #1, the very first episode of Souleance’s instrumentals and beats EP. For those not in the know, Souleance is the collabo between producer Fulgeance and DJ Soulist of What The Funk. These two have been making waves since they met in 2006 and with their shared love of music that contains elements of hip hop, tropical, breaks, funky 80’s, boogie-disco style and more, they have put together this side as well as a discography of top notch records. Made especially for DJs, B Boys, lovers of the funk, hip cats, and of course, the ladies, this teaser track is making us want more. Soulful with a funky beat, it’s the right ingredient for a recipe that surely will get people on their feet, out of their seats, and jamming like your uncle at a BBQ. This track of off the EP hits lovely, and with four more tracks, you are starting off the Summer season right with this good groove. But wait, there is more. They have another EP that is in the works, and from what we hear it is not just about the funk. Dig deeper people, because there is so much music out there, you might miss a nugget like this because you didn’t didn’t look hard enough! Hopefully these will eventually turn up on vinyl at some point. Stream the track below:

Get the EP here.

Keep Diggin’!

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