Mr Jukes: Grant Green (featuring Charles Bradley)

We love it when people reinvent themselves, it’s kind of near and dear to our hearts. Jack Steadman of Bombay Bicycle Club has done just that. The guitarist turned composer and sample beast has produced a dope new record under the moniker Mr. Jukes. It’s chock full of samples from his record collection, as well as hosting a gang of guest musicians to boot. This recent taste of some of the music features one of the greatest to ever do it, Charles Bradley. The side, “Grant Green”, named after famed sideman and solo artist on a variety of labels (Blue Note and Verve to start) gets the Mr. Jukes treatment while Bradley wails his soulful message throughout. We love Grant Green, we love Charles Bradley, and let’s face it, we are loving Mr. Jukes with this track. Another win for the Daptone label too. It’s good to see Charles Bradley back on the horse and putting out heat filled vocals still. Plus the video directed by Anna Ginsburg & Parallel Teeth is some trippy animation to say the least. Crank up the track below and then check the visuals of the video after the stream. The record comes out on June 14th on Island, so look for more from Mr. Jukes. We know we will be.

Check out the slick video below:

Buy the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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