Remined Records Debuts Two 45s

Colemine Records push the envelope further with their new imprint Remined Records. Rescuing old records and bringing them to the public once again, it is a welcome edition to the ever funky and soulful label that has had so much success with so many dope bands. For their debut of the imprint, they have given us two killer unreleased 45s: O.C. Tolbert: “(Marriage Is Only) A State Of Mind” and The Diplomats “Cards On The Table”. Tolbert’s 45 has never been on a any format, let alone seven inch before, and also contains a flip instrumental version by Dave Hamilton. The second seven is from The Diplomats and “Cards On The Table”. A track from when they were in their prime, which would lead to the break beat classic “It’s A New Day” by Skull Snaps. This lava rock has been a staple on the Northern and will set you back a few bucks, so to get it reissued by Remined is a huge bonus. The flip is an unreleased track, “Don’t Ever Go”, never on vinyl before. A perfect start to a label that has accomplished so many things in a short time. The natural progression to reissue lost music is right on point with their philosophy. Look for many more Remind releases in the future. Get them all, because they will be the big money future classics mark our word.

Listen to all four sides below:

Pre-order the records here.

Keep Diggin’!

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