Dr. Rubberfunk – Disco Scene

For those of you who like your cut ‘n paste disco break edits, this track is for you. The name Dr. Rubberfunk may not ring a bell for some, but rest assured he has been a busy chap for quite some time. With endless remixes and full lengths on GPS and Jalapeno, it was high time that they put this 2001 classic, previously available on a long out of print 12″, out on 45. Having been put out digitally, it was really a no brainer that Jalapeno got this dance floor classic out on a seven. With two different mixes, a 45 friendly mix and a ‘Breaks of Wrath” edit from the original record, it’s two heaters on one little record for those of you who like to be a bit portable. And let’s face it, being portable is good, and we seven inch hounds love a good mix on 45. Both mixes have it all: great drums, crisp samples, bass lines, and enough energy to get your ass on the dance floor and sweat it out. Plenty percussion for everyone, and let’s just say that I am sure Steinski heard this thing and said: “look what I started” with a smile on his face. The Disco Scene is alive and well some 16 years after it was released. Classic, timeless, and something that might not ever leave your bag after you hear it. If you don’t have a copy of Dr. Rubberfunk’s seminal party track, here’s your chance to get it on the 45rpm format. Listen to both tracks below and pre-order at the bottom from Jalapeno.

Pre-Order the record here, out June 9th on Jalapeno Records and other formats here.

Keep Diggin’!

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