Interview: Lee “Scratch” Perry On The House Of Strombo

Photo Courtesy of Vanessa Heins

When I met Lee “Scratch” Perry about ten years ago, the man grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let go. Instantly I felt like I was holding the hand of reggae music itself. Bob Marley, Black Ark Studios, Super Ape, Roast Fish and Cornbread, and everything in between, it was there in that hand holding. Perry, the charismatic outer space traveler is one of the fathers of reggae music. His transformation over the years as well as his migration to Switzerland and has elevated his cult status to a higher level. Always one to give an interesting interview, Scratch sat down with Canada’s finest, George Stroumboulopoulos at the House of Strombo to talk everything from family, Bob Marley, Jamaica, The Beastie Boys, Paul McCartney, veganism, and more.

Rastafarian is my doctor. If I come here to do a job and Rastafari is not here with me, well what you doing job. With Rastafari we made to make music.

If you have followed the man’s career and caught some of his many, colorful interviews, this one is up there in the books. Strombo is a pure professional, even when Perry goes off on a tangent completely unrelated to the question he’s asked, he is able to shift gears effortlessly to bring the viewer even further inside the mind of this musical genius. Into his eighth decade, the legend proves he still has the wisdom that has kept him high on the list of the greatest reggae musicians and producers of all time. It’s about a half hour long, but well worth the view.

Watch the interview below:

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