45 Live Double Pack: Aeon Seven & Christian Madden

The latest 45 Live double pack of seven inch records welcomes the talented Christian Madden to the 45 Live family. Formerly of the band The Earlies, who mixed British folk and psychedelia in with many other influences, he joins forces with the powerhouse Aeon Seven on this pack of two heaters for your record box. Both of Madden’s tracks are definitely tracks you could spin out, with the A-side, “Everybody Get In Line” mixing some Northern Soul with jazz rock and the result is beautiful. Lots of Hammond in this mid tempo rocker, which sticks out brilliantly in this eleven piece outfit making the music. The flip, “Eating It All” is some tough jazz fusion with great drum work and horns for days. Channeling the masters such as Brian Auger, George Duke, and Colosseum, this is a must have 45. And for the adventurous DJ, try dropping it on the dance floor. It could definitely work. Another newcomer to the label, but not a newcomer to the record game, is France’s Aeon Seven, who puts out a shout to all the B Boys in the house with ‘Seven Breaks”. This is ordering all you top rockers and floor sweepers to get on the floor and start the show. Hard funk breaks, more organ than you can handle and commanding drum breaks level off this call to arms (and legs) so you can wiggle waggle and make it move until the break of dawn. The flip is the instrumental, which gives you some room as a DJ to do your own cutting, work doubles, and generally just beat this tune up for your audience. Two totally different sounding, but tough indeed records in this pack. 45 Live for the win again and again. Stream both below and buy it at the next link as well.

Order the records here.

Keep Diggin’!

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