Jazz Spastiks : Scratch And Sniff

Jazz Spastiks are back with a new crowd sourcing project called Scratch and Sniff. The concept is easy peasy. They release a record with an accompanying book that is scratch and sniff. Each track has its own page that you can sniff along to as you listen to the song. A novel concept indeed, and there are a myriad of choices of merchandise to go with your record/ book purchase, so that is always a bonus. Calling it their best work to date, if you are a fan of the Jazz Spastiks and their 15+ years of dusty beats and on point cuts (like us), you’ll want to get on the bus here and help them get to their goal.

Each song has it’s own smell and you can sniff along as you listen!

With an estimated delivery date of September 2017, this truly unique project will grab all of your senses (less the taste) and is one of the most unique releases we have come across since the inception of Flea Market Funk. It’s great to see groups pushing it farther and harder, trying to stand high on the mountain of music that is released every single day, hour, minute, and second of the day. We are inundated with so much stuff (most that are lukewarm or have no personality), so this one stands out.

You can check out a sampler of the audio below:

Back this project here.

Keep Diggin’!

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